About Us

We’re Australia’s First Vegan Lebanese Restaurant and we’re on a mission to re-define ‘fast food’ with ridiculously tasty (and healthy) Plant Based Lebanese food

As the world becomes more awake to the everyday reality of preventable disease, sustainability issues and animal cruelty we begin to shift even further towards a wholefoods, plant-based and enviro-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to make a positive impact on fast food as it stands today by providing fast and healthy vegan meals influenced by Lebanese food.

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Healthy Vegan

Eating a plant-based vegan diet isn’t just good for our animal friends and the environment, it can bring human health benefits too

We live and breathe a wholefoods, plant-based lifestyle. Eating plant foods that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals protect our bodies against preventable diseases while contributing to a sustainable future. Our bodies are our powerhouse, our home, and we only get one chance so let’s eat our way to a positive future—for our health, for our planet and for our animals.

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Eco Vegan

Our aim is to provide healthy ‘fast’ food, backed by the principle of local and sustainable farming and harvesting

Human health and sustainability for our planet are paramount to our society today. Through conscious choices around farming, quality ingredients, compostable packaging and waste disposal, we’re working towards a more sustainable future. Out of respect for our incredible and generous planet, we do not supply any ‘single-use’ plastic in our store. There is no Planet B after all.

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