A little about us

Vegan Lebanese Street Food has arrived and it’s set to re-define ‘fast food’ as it stands today by making fresh, healthy and environmentally responsible plant-based food available to everyone — 365 days a year.

Having witnessed first hand the positive effect that a vegan diet can have on health and experiencing the benefits for ourselves, we set out to create a plant-based menu accessible to all.

Traditional Lebanese food has long been based on healthy, diverse, vegetable-rich ingredients, making it fundamental to our wellbeing.

By sourcing locally grown, chemical free produce and teaming up with game-changing sustainable companies that are creating ‘high-vibe’ plant-powered foods, we have created a healthy vegan menu that remains true to the traditional flavours of Lebanon.

Our philosophy is simple — to encourage and enable conscious and wholesome plant-derived food choices. By promoting vitality and the health benefits of a plant-fuelled life we can help more people nourish their bodies, while reducing our footprint on the planet and respecting our animals.

Come and experience delicious Vegan Lebanese Street Food that’s good for you, good for the community and good for our planet.