Free Organic Chickpeas & oil free hummus recipe.

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Hello friends,

Vegan Lebanese Online is now entering its 3rd week of operations & it’s received huge support. Thank you!!

The crew & I are really enjoying our time building this new business & we’ve taken advantage of this lockdown to get great at online!!

E-commerce is a refreshing way to sell our amazing food. Generally, we have about 10 mins to get your food into your hands and that’s a super high stressed environment.

With online we have days to prepare. There are no crazy Uber fees. It’s fun & sustainable.

We can do things like this….


and we’ll throw in 1kg of NSW grown organic chickpeas in your next online order. We are delivering to all Sydney suburbs.

Here’s my famous Oil free Hummus recipe for you to enjoy.


250g Organic dried chickpeas 250g Filtered Water 225g Tahini paste 160g Fresh Lemon juice 20g Organic garlic 1-2 Tsp Pink salt


Soak Chickpeas overnight in filtered water Drain, rinse & boil for approx. 90 mins or until soft. Drain and then add to blender and blend with lemon juice for approx. 30 seconds. Add tahini Crush the garlic Add the salt & water Blend on high speed for approx. 30 seconds. Scrape down sides and repeat blend until desired texture is achieved.

This Organic Hummus is also available to order if you click here..

I would love to see your results on your Insta story.

Stay Positive!!