Street Shawarma BBQ

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Hall street Bondi Beach is a place where you normally find cafes and restaurants heaving. Restaurants & Cafes have gone through a living nightmare over the past 18 months.

We’ve had hundreds of messages from locals asking if we are open for takeaway & delivery’s. The numbers don’t stack to partner with Uber ect so We’ve come up with another way to keep selling our Famous Chick’n Shawarma.

Australia’s first vegan BBQ has now arrived to Hall St.

We soft launched Saturday (24th July) & it was a huge success. I purchased a brand new flat plate bbq (as I couldn’t get myself to grill on a hire bbq) and setup on our leased footpath.

Sight, Sizzle, Smell. These factors change the game!!! I’ve never barbecued any of our food before as we bake during regular service for speed. And let me tell you what I’ve discovered.

BBQ Chick’n Shawarmas are here to stay!! I didn’t think our best seller could get any better. But it has!!

It tastes 100% like barbecued chicken & it’s loaded with protein & fibre with zero nasties.

Rolled up with our new Magic Organic Toum, and there’s a high chance for a return visit.

We also have our beyond kafta shawarma, kafta skewers, zaatar, desserts & drinks available.

Every Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays...

We are hoping to add this as a permanent fixture on weekends once the world returns to normal.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon for some barbie.